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Mail Bag


Hi Peter!
Just a brief note and a photo of Pippa after her first grooming.
Pippa is wonderful and very smart. She knows her name, the sit command, she gives paw when requested and if it is time for a meal she will bark at the counter where her bowl is! She loves belly rubs, fetching her toys and walks. We love her!
Thanks again!
Robbyn, Joe, Lola and Murphy  Havre de Grace, MD

Maggie is one year old and continues to be the sweetest little companion!! She loves everyone she meets and they love her. I can't thank you enough for such a precious pup!!
Kathy Leslie   Damascus, MD

Hi Pete,
Riley is 4 months old now and a bundle of energy. He can sit, knows down & comes to us. And best of all he's housebroken. He weighs 13 lbs and the vet said last week he should max out between 18-20 lbs.
We love him so much. He makes us laugh everyday. It is fun watching him learn new things. He's in puppy school and everyone thinks he's the cutest puppy they have ever seen. Of course their right.
Hope all is well.
Linda & John Risden  Churchton, MD

Hello! Cooper is doing very well. Knock on wood, he is house trained. He goes with me everywhere and waits for me in the car, no barking at all...
Thank you!
Krista Jacobs   Dunkirk, MD

Hi Pete and Judy:
I hope all is well. I wanted to provide you with an update on Sir Henry since he will be 3 months on Friday, November 4th. He is doing very well.  Everyone he meets just love him and they especially love his name.  My family and I wanted to thank you. Sir Henry has brought so much joy in our lives and he is just the sweetest puppy.  We are so happy that he is part of the family.
I will keep up updated on his journey. In the meantime, here are a couple of recent photos.
Take care,
Channel Smith   Baltimore, MD
Hi Judy,
Hope you are all doing well and keeping cool.  Attached is a photo of our little Zoey (7/3) after her first ever professional grooming.  She has been a wonderful addition to our household.  She loves everyone she meets and the feeling is mutual.  Even our 13 year old cat has learned to love her (with reservations).  Thank you again for introducing her into our lives.
Take care,
Marcy, Steve, Zoey (and Bonkers) Alvo   Annandale, VA

JoJo: A very happy pup. What a joy he is in our lives. Perfect personality for Lorraine & I.   Rick Vale   Daniel Island, SC



Hi Judy -
Hope all is well with you.
Check out CJ's funny post-grooming pic, and another playing with his brother TJ.
Both cuties, I think.
They make many people smile in their travels around Warrenton.
Thank you,
Evelyn Holst  Warrenton, VA

Hi Judy,
Today Mowgli is 8 years young!  He has been such a wonderful addition to our family since day one.  He loves to ride in the car, and is still full of mischief and spunk.  He has been a healthy boy and everyone at Petco grooming adores him. As you can tell from the photo, he has more of the Bichon coat.
Thank you for such a special baby! He truly has the traits and qualities promised in a Cavachon.  We still check in to your site once in a while to see all your new additions.  So cute!
Take care,
The Hatch Family
Middleboro, MA
Thank you for our beautiful dog Teddy. He's almost 18 months and weighs 23 lbs. He is a lovable mushy dog with lots of energy and some feistiness.
He's been a great addition to our family.
Laura Daisak   New Jersey



Hi Judy,In June 2014, I adopted Ollie. He is such a sweetheart and makes me laugh every day! I couldn't resist sharing this Halloween photo-- just look at that smile! Claire Kelly  McLean, VA



Thanks Pete! Yes! She is such a big girl!! Can you believe it?!? I can't!! She is 14 lbs!!! I am still good friends with her sister Macey's mom who lives in PA. We chat regularity and exchange notes and lessons learned, etc for Dixie and Macey!  It's so fun to see these sweet litter mates grow up!! She brings so much light into our lives. I have never seen my in-laws, father, nephews, etc. laugh so much. She is such a joy and blessing. As a first time dog owner she has been amazing for me to learn how to train. She is so so so very smart. So remarkably easy to train. My dog trainer has told me that I am spoiled forever because is so smart and so much easier/quicker and fun to train versus " normal puppies" -- she said Laughing!  What you guys do there breeding these special creators brings a lot of joy to people. You guys should feel really proud !
Dixie says hiiiiii! Here are some more pics! I now have had 6 people from the dog training/therapy dog world encourage this path for Dixie as her temperament is so amazing. I am interested in getting a second Cavachon. But I haven't told my husband....yet. Lol!
Ellen and Ed and Dixie Boucher 



In case anyone asks, Jeffie is the boss and he may be 14 but he loves his pups!  Hope all is well at your house, life is great with these kids.

Hammie is progressing nicely in agility and Tiggy just earned her CGC. She is now in tricks class, and will be entering therapy dog training in the spring.

Gail Swift   Washington, VA



Hi Judy….
Thought I would send you a pic of our little bundle of joy… Bentley…
Bentley is now 14 months old and is doing great… weighing in at 16 lbs, he is healthy and very sweet.  The vet loves his colors, his manners and his demeaner.
He loves to snuggle and we have a personal trainer who is helping him learn all his puppy manners.  He is a star pupil, is mat trained and is learning to heel off-leash.  He will do anything to please.  He is now sleeping out of his crate at night.. and has his special spot on the love seat when we watch TV.
This picture was taken the beginning of December in his new winter coat.. he is too big to wear a hand-me-down any more….
 RobinBidwell   Landenburg, PA



Today was Lucy's first trip to the beach.  She had a great time exploring and meeting new people and dogs.    Max is an old hand - he loves the sand, but not the waves. 
They send you best wishes from the Sunshine State!
Carla Yetter  Fernandina Beach,  Florida



Here is my pal, Jake, who just turned 11.
Talk about a cool dog!
Happy to report that he is as healthy and as playful as ever.
He amazes me with how much fun he has playing with a toy - he randomly just goes to town tossing the thing in the air and chasing it around the house, it is hilarious.
The sound effects from him are something else, he reciprocates sounds like he’s having a conversation with you.
He can be as active or as lazy as you need - totally flexible.
In fact, we’ve had to move around the country and he tolerates steaming Houston heat, muggy Memphis and cold New England snowy winters.
He doesn’t like to go out in the rain though, but anything else is cool.
I call him a lot of things, but one is that he is a dog for people who hate dogs.
He charms even them.
In fact, people have “borrowed” him to con their dog-disliking family members into getting a dog, successfully.
His native American name is “son of most gifted”, since that was his Sire’s name. It suits and everyone gets a kick out of that name.
Anyway, just sending my deep thanks for bringing him into our lives.
Eileen Hansbury  Providence, RI




Judy I wanted to share some recent pictures of Enzo.  He's a joy and so much fun.  Even when he gets a little excited and pees in the house (although we are actually making progress on two zone house training).  He loves riding in the car and meeting new friends at Dogtopia and the off leash dog park. 
Kit and Sharon Rudd   Warrenton, VA













  • (5/29/17)



Our little one, JoJo, now 18 months old on 6/2, has stolen our house and our hearts!
I recall watching the video you sent before we made the trip to adopt him and his toys were everywhere! Nothing has changed. He loves his toys and they are still all over the place!
JoJo is maturing and has developed quite a personality! I bring him to my showroom everyday and has his own fan base on instagram-lorrainevaleinteriordesign.
He's very sweet and loves to cuddle, loves meeting people and other (small) dogs-bigger ones he just barks at! He's good on his leash. Very healthy and most likely has reached his top weight at 12lbs.
We are very happy we found Gleneden and your cavachons~  Lorraine Vale





  • Hi Peter,
    I thought you might like an update and some pictures of our pups. We named the smaller one Beetle and the larger one Bailey. They have done great with their crate training. I just put them in at night and head off to bed. They've learned to respond to their names and are learning to walk on their leashes. Even though I've tried very hard to maintain a schedule, they still have accidents in the house. They've discovered the stairs leading to the 2nd floor and have mastered going up and down. We have hired a trainor and he has made his first visit leaving us some training tools and lessons to work on. It keeps us busy but we're seeing results...
    Donna Lemer   Leesburg, VA
  • (1/18/17)
Hi Judy,
I hope this email finds you well.  It has been nine years since we adopted our little guy from Gleneden so we thought it was time to give you an update...   The little cockroach has turned into an adorable little guy.  Hemingway's birthday is January 21st and he will be nine years old.  We consider ourselves very fortunate to have spent the last nine years with the most loving, trusting, friendly, obedient, and funny little guy.  Hemingway loves everyone and enjoys meeting new persons and dogs every opportunity he gets.  In fact, Hemingway has been dubbed the ambassador of Allwood Drive, (the street we live on) by our neighbors because on his daily walks he always greets residents and visitors with a wagging tail and a lick to the face.  Everyday with Hemingway has been an adventure and a pleasure.  Thank you so much for introducing us to our puppy and we wish you the best for the future.
Best Regards,
Frank & Sherrie Moreno (and Hemingway) 
Haven't sent you any photos since our precious Cavachon JAX was a puppy. In these more recent photos he is 15 months. He is full of energy, love and mischief. Love Love Love him!!!!
Wendy Katzen  Maryyland
Hi Guys:
We hope you are well. We just wanted to send you an updated photo of Fenway. He is a wonderful dog and we just wanted to thank you again.
Ron Lipof, Andrea and the boys   Newton, MA

Hi Judy!  We want to give you an update on Coco.  We can hardly believe she is almost two years old!  Coco currently weighs 7.2 lbs.  She has been spayed and remains healthy.  She is a loving and sweet little dog.  She's extremely intelligent and has been easy to train.  She is always ready for a car ride and accompanies us everywhere.  Coco fills our lives with so much love and joy.  Thank you for such a wonderful little dog.
The Graves Family, Woodbridge, VA

Jack: 5 Months Old
Hi Judy - here is sweet Jack, now 12 lbs of happiness, very healthy, and completely loved!
Lisa Meengs   Washington, DC

 Hi Judy,
Attached is our precious little puppy. We ‘think’ her name will be Buffy but not 100% certain yet.
she is the sweetest and most adorable pup I have ever seen. Thank you so much for saving her for us. She is just like a little baby. She has the cutest personality too. You were right – she is a DOLL!!
I will keep you updated but wanted to send you her picture.
She says “Happy Valentines Day”!!
Cheryl Payne   Virginia
Hi Pete...Thanks again for allowing us to adopt such a sweet, wonderful puppy. She is a joy and will receive so much love. We have had such a great start with this little one. Thanks for everything!
Libby (and Lauren!) Sabol   Dublin, Ohio

This is our precious "little" Riley Mae at six months. We received her from you all right before Christmas 2015. She already weighs 18 pounds!!  Everyone agrees she is so pretty and she is definitely our bundle of joy and fun. She is about 90 percent house trained and we are starting training classes within the next month. Thank you.
Nancy Fixx   Leesburg, VA

Hi Judy,
My name is Bernie Rogers, and I've been wanting to send you a thank you for quite a while (ahem...yes,....years..) now for breeding such healthy and sound, both physically and mentally, dogs.
Specifically, your Cavichons...I managed a boarding kennel for 20+ years, and have been professionally grooming for 36 years now, have a great clientele, a lot of whom have transitioned into dear friends.
I referred a handful of clients that truly trust me, to you, after they lost a dog.  Maybe an old Bichon, with all the health issues that come attached to Bichons... that were just looking to downsize from larger breeds, and maybe just some that had NO clue as to WHAT they wanted-but sure knew what they didn't want.
I'm not saying it's easy to talk my clients into a Cavichon, but it sure has been easy to talk them into one of YOUR Cavichons!...
So thank you again. It's nice to know that you remain so conscientious.
 I visited your website before I ever sent my first client to you, but it's still a very nervous leap of faith the first or second time, when one has been in dogs for (conservatively) 36 years.
I always look forward to seeing "your" dogs come in for grooming, and every Owner has their dog on a very regular schedule.  VERY regular!
It's like a win-win-win-win-win situation.  :)
Bernie Rogers

Hi Judy-
We adopted Roxy and Ruby in 2011.  Just wanted you to know they are doing great!  They bring sooo much love and joy to our family! 
Pam McAteer   Annapolis, MD
Good evening Judy.  I was looking at your website and realized you still have a puppy picture of my Mabel!  I thought I'd send you an update 8 years later.  We picked Mabel up as a Christmas gift for me on December 27, 2008.  Mabel has been the most precious gift for me over these last 8 years.  She is always at my side, adores me unconditionally and is a best friend to the entire family.  Fours years ago I became terribly ill and Mabel never left my side.  My stays in the hospital were long but my husband took video's of Mabel to keep my spirits up.  I can't tell you how thankful I am that we found you and that I found my Mabel.  Here is the latest. 
Hope all is well and maybe you'll see us again someday as we still talk about getting another Cavanese. 
Take Care.
Karen LaVeck-Mitchell 




Hi Judy- I wanted give you and update on our 3 Gleneden babies.  Kensington (4), Abbey Beau (2), Britain (2.5). They are all so different and perfect in every way.  Thank you for our precious girls!
Jennifer Westcott   Raleigh, North Carolina



Hello Judy,
I wanted to send a picture and update of the puppy we purchased on mother's day 2014. He has been named Percy.
I thought for your blood lines you might like to know he is a giant of the breed: a trim and fit 26.2 pounds! He has very long legs and a long body compared to the two cavachons we have met: Flossy who belongs to a dentist and Lilly who belongs to a therapist/psychologist.
Percy is very loving, very cuddly, a tad anxious but not alarmingly so, and an incredible rascal...
He shares a house with four sugar gliders (who bring out his hunting instinct, I'm afraid), two foster cats, and a bearded dragon.
He went through two levels of training, and I hope to get him more soon. He is very well socialized with other dogs, so good at reading them. And when he needs to be kenneled, he usually stays with his former trainer at her farm with her cats, dog, other boarding dogs, and two horses. She has two acres fenced in for play time, so he has a mini vacation while there and gets to sleep in her bed more often than not. Happy dog.
Stephanie Ware   Stafford, VA



It has been a while, since we sent you a picture of JoJo. We could not have asked for a better dog. He brings joy to our lives every day. Easy to see why.......

Rick Vale   Daniel Island, SC



Hope all is well. Millie turns 2 in July and is thriving. She's the best companion that we could've ever hoped for. She made her first trip to the beach this past Memorial Day weekend, and we wanted to share this picture with you. Hope all is well.
 Todd Grinspoon   North Potomac, MD





Hi Judy,
It has been 5 years since I adopted my wonderful Cavachon, Beau Buckley.  I am sure that you have heard this many times, but he is the most wonderful dog I have ever owned.
Beau has been a therapy dog for over 3 years and visits oncology patients in a local Pittsburgh hospital  and is a Tail Waggin’ Tutor at several elementary schools in the Pittsburgh area.
He is my constant companion and a favorite of my neighbors.  I wish I could clone him, but since I can’t I would like to find another Cavachon with all of his attributes...
As beautiful as he is, his personality exceeds his looks.  He is so gentle and lovable, easy to train...
Look forward to hearing from you.
Mary Phillips
Pittsburgh, PA



MAX is our 11 year old Gleneden Labradoodle meeting his new brother JAX our just shy of 9 week old Gleneden Cavachon. Love them both with all my heart������
Wendy Katzen   Potomac, MD



Finn: He is funny - loving, already devoted to me.  At the moment he is flying around the house with a squeaky ball.  He's eating well and just making me laugh all the time.  He will be cherished.  Next week we will have Mary Jo Duvall's Frankie - Cavachon from Gleneden - staying with us.  So the boys will be having fun all week.  
Again, thank you to everyone!
Janet Pumphrey   Servana Park, MD



Finn had his puppy check-up today and passed with flying colors.  The Vet and her techs all love him.  He was a star patient even when he got his rabies shot - now I can get his license. 
They will schedule his neutering surgery in September when it is a little cooler and will fix his hernia then. 
I've added a few pictures so you can see how he is doing.  He loves the bench at the front window - he announces himself to all who pass by - the neighbors love it.  He is a love and thank you for putting us together.  He's a cuddler, too!
Jan Pumphrey  Severna Park, MD



Dear Judy,

We adopted our wonderful Cavachon girl from you approximately 12 years ago (in November 2004), and she is absolutely the BEST DOG ever!  We love her so much and she is happy and relatively healthy (for her age).  She has the best personality - social, very friendly, loving, and would never hurt a fly.  We would like to get another puppy or dog to add to our family and be a companion for our Trixie... 
Thank you so much, and I look forward to hearing from you.  P.S. I’m attaching a current photo of Trixie.
Sincerely, Julie Quinn   Leesburg, VA  



Hi Judy.  I hope all is well in Gleneden. We are enjoying life with Duffy…not so little anymore.  He’s so sweet and adorable.  He’s a good dog.  We couldn’t be happier.
Vanessa D'Ambrosia   Richmond, VA



Good Morning Ma'am.
We purchased a cavachon (Chip) from you on 9/24/15...we adore Chip and will be looking to you for a twin in the coming years!  attached is his picture sitting with his "brother" Charlie for your website.
Thank you ,
Stephen Nix 



Just sent you a picture of our beautiful Mia .....she is a wonderful companion to Jim and I .
So thankful we have her.
Lynn and Jim Oxford   Newfoundland, Canada
Happy New Year




Hi Judy,
Happy 2016! I wanted to share a few pictures and give you an update on our girl Abby.  Fred and I picked her from your beautiful Gleneden Farm on November 25, 2015.  She is such a love and we are so blessed to have this fur baby in our life. She is smart, friendly, playful and we love spoiling her rotten...Thank you Judy, (and all Gleneden) for breading such a wonderful and beautiful Cavachon.
Look forward to hearing from you soon!
Sincerely,   Mary M. Parks  Burlington, NC



Judy, we are loving these dogs!  They are very special!  Their personalities are very different but they seem to compliment each other!  RB is the queen and she thrives on attention and loves it from anyone and everyone!  She is great with kids!  She is a perfect family dog!  Loo is more reserved.  She likes to size people up before she warms up to them.   She is content in letting RB have the spotlight--for awhile and then she wants her attention.  RB will cuddle with anyone but Loo prefers me or Denny.  Loo is so smart. She never ceases to amaze me with her intellect! The only thing I can not break her of, is barking when the doorbell rings!!  It drives me crazy but that is her only fault!  I can not complain!  Loo is my dog!  These dogs play so well together!  They cuddle with each other!  They are a perfect match for each other and for our family!
Linda Carel



We adopted our little Lulu over Memorial Day weekend and we just wanted to tell you how much we loved her! She has the sweetest little personality! She loves everyone and everyone she meets absolutely loves her. We couldn't be happier with her - thank you so much!
 Mary Macauley                                       

Hello Judy-
This is Kristen Heyniger.
My husband Hakeem and I came and purchased Sophie from you in December 2012.
She was born in October 2012.
She is now 3 years old and the joy of our lives and we are interested in getting another puppy for Sophie to play with.
Hope all is well.
Kristen Heyniger   Fairfax, VA