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Special Dogs for Special People!


 Hi Peter,
Hope all is well.
Just want to let you know that Jaz is doing great and she is such an integral part of our family now. We all are like loving her so much and are so happy to have her each day. She is such a charmer, will greet everyone in the morning with great enthusiasm and love. Even though we only have her for three months, we already could not imagine life without her now.
Thank you!  Yujie Shan  Richmond, VA
Good morning Pete and Judy:
I hope all is well.  Can you believe Sir Henry will be 6 months on February 4th?  Just 4 months ago, my sister and I drove down to pick the little 4.5-pounds guy up, who is now 14 pounds.  He is doing so well.  In November, he has graduated from Puppy Training Class and now enrolled in the Intermediate Training Class.  We have master the crate and still working on loose lease walking (he likes to pull). He loves people and is everyone’s favorite at the Vet.  Here are some recent photos.
Take care,
Channel Smith  Baltimore, MD
Wanted to thank Judy and Gleneden  for these 2 perfect dogs .
Sophie and Cesar are the most loving and loyal dogs  Now that my kids are grown and have moved on their own, these 2 little babies have helped me feel like I don't have an empty nest . Everyday is a new adventure . Love , love my Cavachon and Cavaness
Thank you for my 4 legged kids
Cesar and Sophie .
Julie Griffen   Martinsburg, WV
Hi Judy. Today is Marley's birthday. I can't believe she is already one year old!!!  Time flies. She is doing great and we adore her!!
Unfortunately my dad passed away last month, but Marley has been able to comfort all of us and give us some much needed love...
Attached is her birthday photo.
Krista Mezzanotte   Carlisle, Massachusetts
Hi Judy!
Great to talk with you today. Below are some pictures of our new Cavachon Baxter, who we picked up last weekend.  He is getting along great with our Gleneden mini labradoodle Bean and our kids just adore our sweet new puppy.
Thanks for everything!
Erin English   Charlottesville, VA



Hi!  Thought you would enjoy pictures - first is Frankie (Mary Jo Duvall's pup is now three years old) and then there is Finnegan McGee - the little superman in my life.
Jan Pumphrey  Severna Park, MD




Dear Judy and Anya, Yes, I gave my husband naming rights as you know, but Hammie and Tiggy will do.  Hammie will be 2 in June and Tiggy will be 1 in May. These characters do keep us entertained!  I will be sending you photos of Hammie at agility training.  He is so very good at it, I truly think I will commit to training fully and take him to trials - he is that good! The instructor, Averill Ring, is awesome.
Thank you for these two great dogs!
Gail and Judd Swift   Washington, VA



Hi Judy
Hope all is well. Thought you might enjoy seeing pictures of MAX and JAX. This is JAX at 3 months. We ADORE him!!! He ran upstairs and was sitting in the nursery among the stuffed animals. I couldn't find him until he moved - I thought he was one of them.
The other is of JAX and MAX who is just shy of 12 years old and is as sweet and loving as the day we picked him up from you. He lets JAX climb all over him. He just got his summer haircut and is not too thrilled at the moment. LOVE my boys!!!!
Wendy Katzen  Potomac, MD




Judy and Staff,
 I can’t believe its been almost a year since we brought Teddy into our lives!  He was a year old on April 1.
He is a wonderful companion for me and a great friend to our 3 year old Cocker-Mix.  They are great buddies and have lots of fun together.
Teddy’s favorite morning perch is wrapped across my shoulders as I have my morning coffee. And loves dressing up in his “preppy sweater” for a winter day.
Fran Lamster   Stamford, CT




Judy & Anya,...One year ago today my husband and I brought our Oliver home from Gleneden and the past year has been wonderful because of our happy pup, thank you for our sweet boy! Attached are some pictures from Ollie's first year with our family.
Sara Keck   Sterling, VA




 Hi! Judy,
Sorry it's taken me so long....
This is Lily after her haircut in August......such a cutie....full of life, sweet and snuggly!
Last visit to the Vets last month...she's 7.5 lbs and got her first big girl (3yr) rabies shot.  
The Ragdolls just turned 14 (and they weigh 13 and 15 lbs)......and are tolerant of Lily's barking attentions.....she loves it when they'll run away and she gets to chase!...the oldest, Mickey, will sometime thrill her by chasing after her!
Just wanted to let you know how much we love her and how grateful we are to have found Gleneden.
I wondered if you have any pictures of Lily's Mom and Dad?  Would love to see them.
Steve's still doing well....hanging in there...amazed that he has outlived the 10mo life expectancy by 14 mos....we're looking forward to celebrating our 44th anniversary 1/20/17........I'm so glad that he talked me into getting Lily while he was still's been so good to have this little bundle of fur to take our mind of the serious stuff and knowing that he knew her will be a comfort to me later on.
Kristan Huddle  Norfolk, VA




Glacier, Napoleon and Glistens' tri-boy, is doing well. He loves walks with Montana, is usually sleeping through the night and mastered the stairs last week!   Very athletic!   His separation anxiety is greatly decreased.  He loves giving kisses and nibbles.  Montana and him have played some - when he isn't trying to bite ears or give kisses (big no from Montana)
He was 6.2 pounds on 3/24. We going Thursday for shots so I'll see how much he's gained    He was treated for giardia but I never noticed any symptoms.  He's a sweetie and quite the talker.
Sonya Hunt


Hi Peter and Judy;
 ust thinking of you and that you might to know how one of your pups is doing.
Remember us....we scooped our furbaby at the WA airport early Jan. ?
Our gorgeous guy Grady,  is now 5 1/2 mos old and is the joy of our family and neighbours. He is such a happy and smart puppers, and always wanting to play.  He knows the names of all his toys and fetches them on command.  I LOVES all people and and animals including his newly arrived cat sister who is home for the summer from university with our son.
Grady stands bout 12 in. high with long leg which he is gradually growing into.  His sable colouring is gradually fading into cream colour with each grooming and is as handsome as could possibly be.  Grady would rather socialize than eat it seems so he is quite slight but is really healthy and full of energy.
It is our desire to share him with others as a St. Johns Ambulance Therapy Dog once he reaches a year old.  Will be enrolling him in dog obedience classes shortly in preparation to do that.
Just wanted to give you a wee update and let you know your pup is wonderful and well.  We couldnt be more blessed by our beloved furbaby.
Cheers, John and Jenn Bate    Richmond Hill, Ontario,  CA




Here's our Grady today after his doggy spa day:) Dapper and super soft 'n adorable.
Cheers Jenn and John Bate
Richmond Hill, CA








Hi Peter,
Just wanted to give you a quick update on our puppy. We decided to name his Gryff, short for Gryffin. I'm a little obsessed with Harry Potter ��
He did excellent on the ride home and didnt cry at all.  We had a little trouble getting him to drink water the first day but by Monday around lunch I finally got him to drink from a plate. Someone said he might have been afraid to put his head in a bowl so I gave it a try and it worked.  He's drinking from his bowl now.
He seems very content to sleep in his crate and knock on wood has been sleeping really well through the night and has not had any accidents in his bed. 
He is such a happy and playful puppy and we are so in love with him.
Ill be sure to keep the updates coming with pictures.
Hope your week is going great.
Jennifer Heeter   Haymarket, Virginia

Its been 4  yrs since we picked up our little man. He has been such a pleasure being part of our family.
Our best to you;  Janet and Bob Moore  Glenville NY

Hello Friends at Gleneden.  Here is Tucker's Christmas picture for 2016.. Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a healthy happy New Year. 
Our Best to you; Janet and Bob Moore, Glenville NY
Hi Peter,
Wanted to send you the photo of  Toby after  his first haircut today. He is doing great - potty trained, knows a few commands & and is incredibly cute, playful and affectionate. Our whole family is in love with him!
Thanks for the great work you do with these puppies!
Karen Hart   Glen Rock, NJ
Hi Judy,
Happy New Year!  I wanted to share this photo and give you an update on our girls, Lucy and Lilly.  As you can see they are doing great.  Lucy, our Labradoodle, will be 10 yrs. old in February and Lilly, our Cavachon, turned 5 yrs. old this passed September.  They bring so much joy into our lives, as well as others.  They are both certified therapy dogs (for the passed 4 years) through "The Good God Foundation" and enjoy visiting patients at a nearby psychiatric hospital each week.  Thank you again for breeding such wonderful dogs!
Sue and Jay Reed
Norwalk, CT 
Good morning Judy -
Six years ago on May 9th (2010), my cavachon TJ (Total Joy) was born with your loving attention.
I am thinking about adopting another beautiful boy (or maybe girl).
Would you please contact me with information, and maybe pictures of available puppies?
Thank you for changing my life for the better with TJ, who, by the way, has been a certified therapy dog for almost 5 years.  We visit 2 nursing homes each week.
Evelyn Holst
Our little girl, the Cavanese pup, we named Theodosia and are calling her Teddy. "My Theodosia" was one of my wife's favorite historical novels about Aaron Burr's daughter.
she has been a joy. Teddy is already sleeping through the night in her crate and doesn't have an accident. Goes out and goes both ways. She doesn't eat very much, and, like you warned us, likes a little of the soft can food mixed into the dry. Teddy doesn't like the Purina Pro Plan so we've switched to Eukanuba Puppy Lamb & Rice.
We've had friends over to see her... some older adults and a couple kids and she is sweet to everyone. Gave the kids lots of kisses.
Teddy had her first visit to the vet and weighed 6 lbs. She had a glowing report. Everything's fine. All the staff gushed over her.

This puppy is a jewel. Thank you for such a fantastic addition to our family.
George Leichnetz   Midlothian, VA

Hello Judy,
Thought you might be interested to see pics of these 2.  Maggie and Charlie.
You delivered these for pick up in Maine in 2015.
They are doing just great!!  Very happy, playful and gentle.
Gerald Clerk   Canada
 Not the best pic but we love this dog so much. What a great addition to our family. He is the sweetest yet ornery puppy and we are all so happy to have him. He's had couole play dates  with our friends Gleneden Cavachon and it was really sweet ,   Thank you again.
Ann Slyh  Glen Allen, Va
Hi Judy,
Hattie (Cavanese) is such a joy.  Enclosed is a picture of her at Christmas.
Thank you.
Linda Potter-Day  Herdon, Virginia

Hi Judy,
My husband and I brought Tucker (puppy with the frog in photo) home on April 25th and he is doing quite well.  We took him to our vet on May 1st for a puppy check-up, rabies vaccine, heart worm, and flea and tick medicine.  We will take him back to be neutered in early June. He had his first haircut about a week ago.
He is doing very well in his crate at night and, because he is so cute, everyone who meets him smiles.  We will take him on our family vacation next week and begin puppy training the following week.  He already knows "sit" and he is walking well on his leash.
Thanks for everything!  I have attached two photos from his first week with us.
Beth & Terry Dorn
Fredericksburg, VA 
Hi Judy.
I can’t believe it’s been 1 month tomorrow that we picked up our little Duffy.  We are having so much fun with him.  He’s such a good boy and is doing really well with the potty training.  Has only had a few accidents.  He is such a joy to have around. 
We talk about how lucky we are & how we are glad to waited to pick the right dog….thanks for your patience.  I attach two recent pictures of him.
Have a great day!!
Vanessa D'Ambrosia   Richmond, Virginia
Hi Judy,
Just wanted to send you a photo of Jones. He's doing well at almost 13 weeks! We feel blessed to have him and love him so much. 
Monica Schneider   Peekskill, NY
As a 12-pound beauty queen, Gracie has an army of friends and admirers here in The Villages, Florida. Morning walks earn her treats from her "buds" at the pool, tennis courts, and golf course. Afternoons are the time for her golf cart ride to the dog park and post office where she socializes and romps with maltipoos, dorkies, puggles and other mystery combos. She loves people, other dogs and running at ducks and ibis to watch them scatter! She has trained up easily and is close to earning her right to visit nursing home residents. We're just waiting for a little less puppy rambunctiousness!
Even strangers stop to remark on her beauty and friendliness. Didn't think I could ever replace Chloe, my beloved first Gleneden Cavachon, but Gracie is truly Amazing! Thanks so much!
Dianne Galloway   The Villages, FL





Hi Judy
Just had to write and give you a quick update on our puppy, Lucy.
She is super smart, total live wire, not shy with kids or people, goes into her crate, last night the yelling before falling asleep was maybe two minutes versus five the first night home, in and out of the doggie door. We just absolutely love this little girl, potty training really going well, she is rewarded with one cheerio, and she knows her name and responds right away.
She has already added so much joy and fun to our life. Our grands are thrilled to have her when they come to visit. Our daughter in law drove the three kids up from Richmond on Saturday, after the three of them ganged up on her, begging to meet Lucy.
Bob's golfing buddies have brought stuff animals and left with "awe she is sooo cute and such a live wire ". Grown men reduced to that. Kinda funny what a adorable pup can do.
I will send updates every once in awhile if that is ok.
She is perfect and we thank you for her.
Bob and Mary Riviello   Centreville, VA



Here is a new picture of Bennie. He is doing well and had his second set of puppy vaccinations with rabies shot last Thursday. He is walking on a leash pretty well and getting better at it. He is also going up and down stars without help. He likes to play and is very sociable with neighbors and other dogs. We will be attending Bennie dog obedience training this Saturday at Pet Smart with Bennie. We love this little boy and looking forward to him getting over his teething. Have a good week and we will keep you posted.
Best Regards,
Victor and Melinda Mandrillo   Creedmore, North Carolina


Good morning Pete~
I hope you are doing well!  Just wanted to give you an update on Abby.  She is such a joy for our family and anyone who meets her.  She is sleeping through the night, in her crate, and has been since her second night here.  Friends are amazed that she willingly goes in her crate with no fuss!  She loves a squeaky toy and loves to cuddle with her green moon toy you sent home with us.  She is very playful and likes to chase us and be chased.  She's met a few of our neighbor's dogs, but we are waiting until furthur immunizations before we venture out with her.  She doesn't love a bath, but tolerates it and loves to run around at full speed afterwards and then falls fast asleep.  She conquered going up the stairs early on, but is still a little hesitant and cautious walking down them!  At her second vet visit last week, she weighed 5.9 pounds.  She captured her vet and vet techs hearts on her very first visit! 
Abby is a wonderful addition to our family and we thank you for her! 
Take good care~
Jeannette Ricks    Virginia Beach, VA



Hey Judy,
Lulu just graduated her beginner puppy training so I couldn't resist sending y'all some more pics! She did so well in her training and her trainer said she is a little smarty pants :)
Thanks, Mary McCauley




Lulu is doing great - such a sweet girl! She is growing up really well and weighs about 10.5 pounds now. She is a little diva, but we love to spoil her! I attached a few new photos of her. One is her after I took her to the groomers - she loves going and getting pampered :)
Thanks, Mary  McCauley









Tucker is about 13 pounds, and Sadie is 10+.  They started with us at 41/2 and 5, and have stayed consistently proportionate.  Sadie is the higher energy level of the two; she is always  happy and exuberant, he is more reserved.  At the same time, given the opportunity to be on our laps, she chooses to be on her own pillow while he is snuggled as close as he can get...
Thank you for our sweet pups!  Since David and I don’t have children together, we are having an especially good time watching them grow.  Two was a good idea…..they are inseparable!  They will squabble and tussle with each other like they’re really fighting, and they cuddle up and go to sleep.  We still can’t tell who is Alpha.  Tucker is of course bigger, but Sadie seems to give as good as she takes.
I hope all is well at Gleneden, and that you’re still making your adoptive families as happy as you’ve made us.  The next time we bring the pups to VA, we will pay you a visit.
Best regards,
Carol Cavanaugh   Winter Park, FL
One year!  It's her bday!! Hip hip horraayyy!!
She says  Hiii!
I can't tell you guys how happy she makes us, how much joy and laughter she brings into our lives every day. We are just so darn happy! She brightens our lives so much. She is the best girl ever. We are smitten. She cracks us up all the time! 
 Ellen Boucher

Hi Judy and Pete,
Wanted to share a few recent pictures of Pesto, our cavachon that we brought home on July 2. We love him so much and he is truly an amazing puppy - happy, social, sweet, fun and so much personality! We cannot imagine what life was like without him! And he is BIG - almost 20 pounds already! How big are his parents?
Thanks again for making this such a positive process for us. The little guy is doing so well! 
Allison and Mike Lieberman   Washington, DC





Good Afternoon Judy and the Gleneden Family -
Biscuit turned 10 months old yesterday and I realized I had never sent a photo of him to you. 
I am attaching a couple of photos of both Boomer and Biscuit.
Boomer will turn two years old in July and he such a great big brother to Biscuit.
We love both our pups from Gleneden!!!
Thank you for making our family complete.
Cindy and Jeff Crosslin



We have two sets of separate crates for our boys (living room and bedroom) and they sleep separately at night.  However, they've decided they want to nap together during the day.  When we put Enzo in his crate Beauregard would jump right in his without any encouragement.  A few days ago, when they went down for nap time Beauregard took a left at the last second and went in with Enzo. When we took him out both boys got riled up, so we put him back in.  Two minutes later they were asleep like this. Don't know how we lived before without these two jokers. 
KitRudd   Warrenton, VA












Hi Judy,
In the summer of 2010, I adopted one of your lovely Cavachons. He is a therapy dog, visiting patients at NIH and Walter Reed Military Hospital for the past 3 years. I would like to adopt another Cavachon this summer, so that I can train another therapy dog... Barbara Murgo and Donizetti [Doni]
Gaithersburg, MD



 Maggie is just precious and fitting in beautifully.
- Kathy Leslie   Damascus, MD



Our lovely Teddy is growing by leaps and bounds. Here's a photo from when we first got him and now that he's 4 months old!  He's with his fav family member!!! 

Fran Lamster   Stamford, CT



Finley is adjusting well to our home. He loves playing outside and following us around. Just wanted to send an update.
Julie Tavenner   Stephenson, VA



...Whiskey Boy is about 9 lbs. and flourishing.  Only assume he will not top the 15 projected, but of course, we would keep him no matter what he weighs, LOL.

Thanks again for following this up.  We feel it is so important for the Cavachons breed to keep on top of any of these complications.  (and possibly misunderstanding)
Pleased to share one of our typical pics.  He is swimming in Lake St. Francois and as you see driving its waters too.  We have converted so many friends to thinking this can be the only puppy for them, Whiskey Boy has won them over.
Thanks for now. Gayle, Keith Upton and of course Whiskey Boy
Quebec, Canada